This race is on October 13th, 2017 starting at 6:30 PM in front of the fire museum.

    The Mid-South Fire Fighters 5k will help two great organizations accomplish awesome missions!

    The Memphis Fire Fighters Association Foundation is a multi-faceted charitable organization helping charities around the Memphis and Shelby County area and helping Memphis Firefighters who are suffering financial hardships due to an extended illness or injury or those who suffer catastrophic events at their homes due to fire, flood, etc.


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  • The Memphis Fire Museum has a new member... and she's already stealing hearts.

    Ember Spotters Dove arrived in the Mid-South the first part of April, 2017.  Ember is an 8-week-old Dalmatian that came from a home in Houston, Texas of a woman who rescues deaf Dalmatians and deaf Great Danes.

    "About 30 percent of Dalmatians are born deaf in one or both ears," said Patricia Belt, owner and handler, and Fire Museum of Memphis Employee.  Patricia is an educator at the museum who teaches fire and life safety as part of the educational program at the museum, utilitizing her other very special Dalmatians, Izzy, Astro, and Lottie Dot.  "She'll (Ember) learn how to stop, drop, and roll," Belt said. 

    Ember will also learn a few more fun tricks to show off when she starts working, but that will not be for a while. For now, she's all puppy and capturing the hearts of the city's firefighting heroes.  She will be trained for the next two to three years before she's ready to get to work as a Memphis Fire and Life Safety dog. She will also go through the training to become a certified therapy dog, where she can work to help children as well as adults who have gone through trauma. 

    But she will make frequent visits to her new friends at the Memphis Fire Museum as well.  Stand by for advance notice of Ember’s visits!

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  • LION TOTALCARE GETS MEMPHIS FIRE SAFETY DOGS AT THE FIRE MUSEUM OF MEMPHIS GEARED UP & READY FOR ACTION!   On March 31st,  the Fire Museum of Memphis hosted a very special presentation as safety dogs, Astro, Izzy, and Lottie Dot received their very own personalized LION turnout coats.

    The fire coats were custom made by members of the Memphis LION TotalCare team, who provide cleaning, repair and maintenance on the Memphis Fire Department's turnout gear. The specially-designed coats took weeks to develop and more than 12 hours each to sew. "It is more child-friendly for a dog to have fireman's turnout gear on," explained LION TotalCare seamstress, Naja Burchett. "They will understand more about the fire department, how they work and all the good things they do." The friendly Dalmation trio are part of the Memphis Fire and Life Safety Dogs program and work with Fire Museum of Memphis to teach Shelby County Schools students the importance of "Stop, Drop, and Roll" and “Get Low and Go,” by demonstrating to the students exactly what they should do!

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The Fire Museum of Memphis has launched a fundraising campaign that includes a new commemorative brick program. The Fire Museum has begun selling engraved bricks that will be placed in the courtyard of the museum. The bricks can recognize an active or former firefighter, or they can be purchased as a memorial or honorarium. Bricks can also be purchased as a show of support for the Fire Museum or the Memphis Fire Department. For information about purchasing a brick, please go to https://fmm.engravedbricks.com/. (Note: there is no www before this web address.)  If you would like to contribute to the fundraising campaign or order a brick over the phone, please call 901-636-5650.
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