Fire Prevention Week

Memphis Fire Prevention Week

     Fire Prevention Week began in Memphis in 1933. The intended purpose was to educate the People of Memphis and the surrounding area. Fire Prevention Week began the first week in October, generally coinciding with the end of the Mid South Fair. It became a City wide event. Politicians, Celebrities Local and National, Theatres,  Schools, Business, Local Industries participated. There were Beauty Contests, Miss Fire Prevention, Miss National Fire Prevention, MIss Flame, Little MIss Fire Prevention, and the Junior Fire Chiefs and Fire Marshalls. A Fire Prevention Parade was conducted and Film shorts on Fire Prevention were shown at local theatres. At the end of the week, the Fire Department put on a thrill show at the training academy, with Firefighters climbing ladders and performing other demonstrations of their skill and training.

All Fire Memphis Fire Department Personnel participated.


Miss Fire Prevention

Miss Flame

Junior Fire Chiefs

Fire Prevention Week 1933 to 1940

Fire Prevention Week 1941 to 1945

Fire Prevention Week 1946 to 1950

Fire Prevention Week 1951 to 1955

Fire Prevention Week 1956 to 1960

FIre Prevention Week 1961 to 1965

Fire Prevention Week 1966 to 1970





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