Engine House No. 1 Exhibits

Video kiosks found throughout the firehouse are not game machines but show short videos on history, methods of firefighting and on calling 911.

Old Billy narrates a video showing what it was like when he was in the fire department in the early 20th century.

Crump Steamer was one of the last two steam pumpers bought by the City in 1910.

1912 American-LaFrance was the first motorized pumper bought by the City.

FedEx Fire Room safely simulates what it is like to be in a room with a raging fire. It is a controlled exhibit and must be started and shown by museum staff.

AutoZone Education Center Children can practice crawling through the Escape Maze and can view videos on fire-safety for each of the four rooms in the 100 Club of Memphis Fire-Safety House.

Locker Room contains a model of Fire Station No. 1 in 1910. The Memorial Video tells how each firefighter honored on the Memorial Wall died. Open lockers display historic uniforms.

History Room Several video stations discuss arson and history. Centrally-located model of modern Memphis firefighter acquaints children with the hero who may save their life.

Guardsmark Play Area allows children of all ages to play on real fire apparatus, including an E-One cab, a Ward-LaFrance Pumper, an ambulance unit, an aerial platform, and to slide down a fire-pole.